I GOT TO TURN 40! I wrote the following entry the week of my birthday and still reflect on it. As I get ready to launch something great with one of my closest friends I think, "I get to be here on this beautiful earth. What will my continued impact be?" I want to have a greater impact teaching and inspiring others to live their best life and to use products that nourish our bodies and our entire selves. 

Stay tuned: It is my belief that the best is yet to come!

This week I have the joy and privilege of turning 40. 40! At age 32 I was living as my body worked to actively destroy cancer cells with the help of surgery and poisonous chemo drugs. I thought I only had a few years and that soon I would be actively dying. 


It is a common sentiment among young cancer survivors, especially those that have had a parent die young. We think our story will be as our parents. That cancer cells will come back and take our health, and eventually our body. I thought I had only 4 years, as my mom did.


Many think that as soon as treatment is done and someone lives a few years past active treatment that cancer is cured. In some people it is and they get to live to an old age. However for many young (and older) survivors, that is not the case. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, never taking my life for granted, as I know any day this gift of life could be taken away.

Once active treatment ends there is new phase of life to navigate, survivorship, or simply “life after cancer.” It can still be filled with dr. appointments, medications, additional surgeries, anxiety, physical limitations, chronic pain, and hormonal changes. For young survivors we are living with this phase of survivorship for more years which is a beautiful thing but brings its own challenges as the months pass. 

This week I GET to turn 40 and I am ecstatic. I get to celebrate my LIFE, my FAMILY, and my FRIENDS. I am so very grateful for what I consider bonus time on this earth. Every year brings joy, sadness, new challenges, and celebration and I am open to it all because I get to be here. I get to be alive on this earth. I GET TO TURN 40.

I try to live my life with intention and in my 40th on the earth I vow to live with deeper intention, kindness, and joy. I invite you to do the same and share the joy of life with me.

Thanks for reading, love, joy, friendship and wellness to you all,