Water, Water, Water

As a child and young adult I didn't pay much attention to the taste of water or whether or how it contributed to my health. I remember drinking out of our dirty plastic hose daily during the summer, and tap water for most of my life, until bottled water became popular. I remember drinking water that tasted like plastic without flinching. After I became pregnant I started paying more attention to water and following chemo I could really taste the difference in clean water and I began to feel it in my body as well. I had a refrigerator filter for my home water and then I remember being at a friend's house and literally spitting out the water because I had a mouthful of chlorine.  So I started researching and sorted through lots of research and products and put off buying a water filtration system because they were expensive and I couldn't decide on one! When we moved to North Carolina I brought glass 5 gallon water bottles to Whole Foods to fill with Reverse Osmosis Drinking water. 2 Years ago we finally selected a drinking water system and it was WAY cheaper than the thousands of dollars I was quoted by "water experts". 

Water is the elixir of life and there is no doubt the cleaner the water you drink the healthier you will be. Flint, Michigan has put the dangers of toxic water to the forefront of our national conversation again. Locally, our local NC water company dealt with a 24 hour water emergency due to an error that over fluoridated our local water supply. We could not use any water due to danger of further contaminating our water supply. 

Water out of the tap or water fountain contains pharmaceuticals, chlorine or chloramine, heavy metals, VOC's, phthalates, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and more fluoride than is needed. These chemicals disrupt our bodies in various ways including early puberty, decreased immune function, higher cancer rates, obesity, migraines, endocrine disruption, increased allergies. I have attached links for more scientific information at the bottom of the blog. 

For optimum health we should all be filtering our drinking water (and our shower water too!) We are bombarded by toxins in our daily life and this is an important way to limit toxins. 

Bottled water is quite frequently filtered tap water and the plastic leeches into the water so it contains BPA and other chemicals. This is especially true if the plastic sits in heat in a warehouse or in your car. Also, bottled water is a great expense and the plastic creates waste that pollutes our waterways, soil, and endangers wildlife. Did you know that there is currently more than 8 million tons of plastic dumped in our oceans every year?

So how do you improve your drinking water? There are various water filtration systems on the market from pitcher type to whole house systems. Which system should you buy to make drinking water safer, to optimize your health and immune system and the health of your family?  You have a few options and depending on your home situation you can decide which is best for you! If none of the options below work for you a cheaper pitcher system can be purchased or the refrigerator filter will work some, but check specifics for which each filters out. If you would like additional consultation, I am available through my consulting services. 

My best recommendation is to purchase an under the kitchen sink reverse osmosis water system. This is what I use in my home and it delivers fresh, clean water! How do I know? Because for better or worse I can sense chemicals in my body. If I drink water that is not pure I feel ill immediately. I feel great with this water, it is the same quality as the filtered water at Whole Foods. I used to fill glass containers at Whole Foods however it got to be cumbersome and a few times I got home and the water smelled like chlorine. At home, I know when it is time to change the filters. 

My husband installed this filter Home Master Artesian Under Sink RO Water Filter at home 2 years ago and we are still happy with it! We drink a lot of water and I think we are replacing the filters on average every 8 months, but on average every 12 months is recommended. A plumber can install it as well. 

Another option is this counter top water system, Big Berkey. It is better suited if you are renting or you just don't want to deal with installing something. I have a travel version that I use when away from home. 

If you know you will be staying in your home for years it may be worthwhile to consider a whole house system. Then your shower and bath water is filtered as well and you can drink out of any sink. This is my recommendation: The Home Master Whole House Filter. This can also be used for well water, although you should always have your water tested to determine specific filter needs. 

And don't forget about a non-toxic reusable water bottle! This is my favorite and I have various sizes for the kids. I haven't had luck with the straws or flip top as they both have leaked for me. But these are one of my favorite products! 


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Disclaimer: I have not been paid for these suggestions. I am not liable for the suggestions made or for the product in any way. These are simply the products I use and recommend. 

Links for additional info: 



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hornafjörður, Iceland - One of the few places you can drink the world's purest water right off the glacier or right out of the tap. Delicious, clean water was a treat in Iceland! No joke, this was one of my trip highlights! The water was amazingly delicious! 

hornafjörður, Iceland - One of the few places you can drink the world's purest water right off the glacier or right out of the tap. Delicious, clean water was a treat in Iceland! No joke, this was one of my trip highlights! The water was amazingly delicious!