“Green your Kitchen” with kitchen tools and cookware to eat healthier with less toxic products. We can chat compost, kitchen cleaners, food storage, pantry items and other food related products. See Eat to Nourish for additional food services

“Go Green with your Cleaning Routine”  which includes consulting on your current cleaning routine, suggestions for good store bought alternatives, cleaning tools and recipes to make your own cleaning products for a healthier home!

“Green Your Beauty Routine” with consultation on natural beauty, wellness and bath products. Suggestions for products and brands will be shared to minimize exposures to hormone disruptors and toxins in everyday products. Your skin is your largest organ, make it work for your health. Includes such items as shampoos, hand soap, cosmetics

“Green Your Home” sharing indoor plant locations and types for healthier air quality, furniture brands, dehumidifiers and air purifiers, mattresses, sheets, eco-friendly paints and other house materials.