A Healthy Kitchen starts with Healthy Cooking Tools


Enameled Cookware and Cast Iron

The healthiest cookware options are cast iron, stainless steel (large stockpot) and enameled cast iron. Ceramic is non porous and a clean surface.

When I first switched my cookware I could not believe the difference in the taste of the food! It took a little bit of practice to cook with my new cookware but it was a love affair that started immediately. I am so passionate about my cookware that I travel with it! If we have vacation with a kitchen, my Le Creusset Cookware is packed! There are also less expensive cookware options, such as Lodge brand. 


Glassware for cooking and food storage

Ditch the plastic! Plastic leaches into food, especially at higher temperatures. I store all my food in glass Pyrex and Glasslock containers. I use Glass Pyrex mixing bowls and glass or ceramic baking dishes. BPA free does not mean healthy. Chemicals leach from all plastics.

This also includes glassware for drinking. Plastic should be replaced with glass. For the kids I use small mason jars. They are perfect size and are very durable when dropped. 


Reheat on the stove and cook with your oven

Ditch the microwave! The research on microwaves may be conflicting, but I choose to be microwave free. We ditched our microwave 6 years ago and have never looked back! Cooking foods at the correct temperatures preserves the nutrients your body receives. And lets be honest, reheating on the stove just makes food taste better! More taste = more nourishment!