Katerina's journey: Cancer Survivor to Eco Thriver

I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, young breast cancer survivor, and steward of the earth.  I am energized by teaching and empowering others, nourishing foods, cooking, the salt air, nature, photography, taking care of our earth, and learning.  I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 32, I am BRCA mutation carrier and have mold sensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS, or Environmental Illness). Eating to nourish, making small batch non toxic products, and limiting toxins from my life began following my cancer diagnosis as a young survivor.  I am a N.J. native and I currently reside with my husband and two children in Carrboro, North Carolina.  

Following my young breast cancer diagnosis I had a bilateral mastectomy, 5 months of chemo, 6 months of a trial drug, and went into surgical menopause.

I began to research (and research) how I could feel better, reduce my personal risk of recurrence and how I could reduce the risk of my children (aged 4 months and 3 at the time) from getting the disease that also took my mother's life when I was 20. 

My first step was to change the foods we were eating from a processed diet to healthy, nourishing whole foods. Food as medicine to nourish and heal became our focus. Next we moved to using healthier products. Prevention became my focus. What I learned was the healthier I ate, and the less chemicals I was exposed to the better I felt and my passion was fueled! 

I couldn't control cancer, but I could control my self care including what I ate and what chemicals I allowed into my home. I took back the power that being diagnosed with cancer took from me.

I am here to help others on their journey to choose healthy and less toxic in a calm way, making it less stressful. At the time I was overwhelmed, anxious and scared. I believe mental health needs to be a priority and choosing health and self care is an important way to take back the power that cancer takes away. Less fear, more empowerment!

It is my goal to help others make greener and healthier choices and to help cancer survivors on their own journey towards health and a less toxic lifestyle! My goal is to have my experience and knowledge work for you.

Much health, love and light,