Read what mothers and cancer survivors are saying about EcoThriver!

Ecothriver consultation has helped me eliminate many everyday chemicals from my home that I didn’t even know were harmful. Kat is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and will walk you through how to make your home a safer place. I have also been using Ecothriver products for several years now. The Vitality Oil works great and is 100% natural!
— K.S
Ecothriver is a wonderful resource in our community. Kat’s approach in her consultation class is to offer clear information in a way that can be practically implemented at home. Her approach is also to inform others of safe, clean ingredients that can be purchased easily and at a reasonable price. Most importantly, I was surprised with how well the products worked.
— Signe, a mom of 2
Thanks to Kat for being patient with us. We are working through the iphone. I finished chemo 11 months ago and surgery 5 months ago and we have slowly been making changes starting with dinner and school lunches. I am looking forward to learning about make-up products next. One on one is helpful for me because chemo brain is real and makes it hard to focus on reading.
— E.L, young cancer survivor
Kat has opened my eyes on how simple changes can make a huge impact. She is knowledgeable and patient and meets you wherever you are on your health and wellness journey. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to make their lives a little cleaner.
— E.K.
The in home consultation was very helpful for my family. I was overwhelmed by all the information and blogs. I didn’t know where to start. Katerina gave us choices for products that made sense! Help in my kitchen was what I needed most. One hour with her saved me hours on Google!
— Ava, cancer survivor and mom
Kat was so helpful to us making changes during a time of transition. Her knowledge and patience with us was so appreciated! We are slowly making changes for our family’s health.
— Jen, young mom and breast cancer survivor
Getting closer to my 40th birthday, I realized my body and mind needed to get centered into a healthy living routine. I read so many articles and blogs about healthy living, food choices on one side- no processed food, gluten free if possible, cutting out dairy and eliminating toxic products on the other hand- cleaning products, shampoo, personal care. All the data on the internet can be overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing. Kat helped me process some of this research and enabled me to break it down to small achievable milestones. She met me and my kids at Whole Foods and walked through the aisles educating us on reading labels and sharing recommendations on what might work best for my family. Listening to our needs and customizing our shopping list was a huge first step for us. Involving my kids in this process also taught them how to make healthier choices. I also took one of Kat’s non-toxic Eco Thriver workshops where I learnt to make my own laundry detergent, dishwashing soap and daily cleaners. It was a fun and educational workshop for me. My kids can use cleaning products without me worrying about the toxic chemicals in them. The support and knowledge I received from Kat has helped me get closer to my goals of a healthier life style for me and my family.
— Dee, a mom of 2